The time between adventures is a great chance to
perform research, gaining insight into mysteries
that have unfurled over the course of the campaign.
Research can include poring over dusty tomes and
crumbling scrolls in a library or buying drinks for the
locals to pry rumours and gossip from their lips.

When you begin your research, the DM determines
whether the information is available, how many days of
downtime it will take to find it, and whether there are
any restrictions on your research (such as needing to
seek out a specific individual, tome, or location). The
DM might also require you to make one or more ability
checks, such as an Intelligence (Investigation) check
to find clues pointing toward the information you seek,
or a Charisma (Persuasion) check to secure someone’s
aid. Once those conditions are met, you learn the
information if it is available.

For each day of research, you must spend 1 gp to
cover your expenses. This cost is in addition to your
normal lifestyle expenses (as discussed in chapter 5).

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