Golden Forge

GOLDEN FORGE: Members List

Name Renown Days to Next Level Days Completed
Rolbert 3 30 -

GOLDEN FORGE: Brewer’s Guild

Renown Rank1 Reception2 Perks3
1 Cellar Rat Indifferent +1 INT for finding nearby Inns & Taverns
3 Assistant Brewer Friendly +1 CHA on checks with Guild Members
10 Head Brewer Familiar + Guild Alchemy Jug
25 Brewmaster Respected + An apprentice/follower NPC
50 Lord of the Brew Revered + Legendary Iron Flask

1 Renown & Rank: Your renown within the Guild starts at 0, then increases as you earn favor and reputation. The more renown you earn, the higher you will climb in the ranks of the Guild and earn more prestigious titles. You also earn 1 renown per adventurer’s level you gain, as you are championing for the guild and wearing their sigil.

2 Reception: As your renown within an organization grows, members of that organization are increasingly likely to have heard of the character. Once you reach higher titles, guild members will be more inclined to treat you more favourably.

3 Perks: Every advancement in Rank comes with a perk. When you acquire this new perk, you do not lose the lower level perks. All perks are cumulative.

Dues: Once every three months, members must make some contribution to the community either through Practicing a Profession as a brewer, or Gaining Renown. If you fail to do so, you will lose a Renown level. If this causes you to lose a Rank then your perk will be taken away.

Golden Forge

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