Rivana Greywyre

[DEAD] Novice adventuring bard


Race: Human
Occupation: Novice adventuring bard, ghostly tour-guide of Astabar’s Manor
Age: Early 20’s

AC 11 HP 45
Appearance: Raven hair
Abilities: Highly perceptive & insightful
Talent: Plays the lyre
Mannerism: Stares into the distance
Interactions: Friendly
Useful Knowledge: Knowledge of the Mad Manor
Ideal: Discovery
Bond: Drawn to the Manor
Flaw or Secret: Unaware that she died at the Manor / is a ghost
Equipment: Lyre and leather armor

A year ago, an adventuring party headed to explore the Mad Manor of Astabar included a young bard by the name of Rivana Greywyre and her trusty lyre. Exploring the manor was her first real adventure, and her last.

She was killed by Astabar’s familiar, an imp. Her fellow adventurers fled, leaving her body behind. Her spirit haunted the area around Havehollow seeking adventururers who would finish what she started.

Her ghost led Zalachenko, Zeryth and Rolbert into the manor where they found her body and gave her the peace to pass on that she was seeking.

Rivana Greywyre

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