Astabar the Experimenter

[DEAD] Wizard from Havehollow, obsessed with magical experimentation.


Race: Human
Profession: Wizard, Warlock
Age: Unknown
Distinctive traits: Unruly, wiry hair, deep forehead wrinkles and a hot temper


Twenty years ago, the village of Havehollow was the home of a wizard named Astabar the Experimenter. He was a collector of many magical artefacts and creatures. His obsession with magic experimentation was all consuming.

Astabar came into possession of a Wand of Wonder. Fascinated by the many ways the magic in the wand could manifest, he attempted to magically de-construct the device. If he could understand the wand, Astabar was certain he could uncover the secret to instantly transform spells from one school of magic to another.

The experiment went horribly wrong. An explosion of cross planar energy dispersed the magic of the wand throughout the structure of Astabar’s manor. Astabar himself was trapped in the Ethereal plane where he eventually died of starvation.

His manor lay abandoned and over the years gained notoriety for the many strange occurrences that took place on its grounds.

Astabar the Experimenter

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