In the small town of Havehollow, there laid a Manor long abandoned and rumoured to be filled with many dark and wondrous things. This was the home of a missing wizard who went by the name of Astabar the Experimenter, and his collection of magical creatures and artefacts inside were said to be both incredible and terrifying. The town’s locals dared not speak of it, for they had seen far too many brave adventurers enter over the years and very few made it out alive.

Rivana Greywyre was one such adventurer who lost her life far too early to the beasts lurking within the Mad Manor. She found herself stuck between the living and the dead, and recruited a new team to help finish what she had started, however rag tag they may be. And so it was a burly dwarf, a sage tiefling, and a wandering witch-doctor who cleared the Manor of its threats, found Rivana’s body, and laid her and the previous owner Astabar finally to peace. Their reward? Pillaging Astabar’s many magical treasures…


Legacy of Astabar

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